Hillary Clinton

The democrat cadidate

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Leadership qualities

Hillary Clinton can rally a crowd with all of her strong points on society and her opinion. Mrs. Clinton went to Wellesly college and Yale law school. All of her tough desicions as secretary of sate show that she can handle pressure well. Women of all ages, the LGBTQ community, Latinos, and Afirican Americans are her prioritys and they listen to her.


Mrs. Clinton cares about our economy and has a plan to create clean energy. She also believes that people on the terrorist watch list and the no fly list should not own a gun. To protect our citizens she will expand background checks and ban the production of assult weapons. She thinks that equality for all people is important too, she thinks that everyone no matter what should get a fair chance.


Mrs. Clinton was the secertary of state for 30 years. She was a lawyer before that. She worked with the foreign policy agency as a secertary.

Clinton has 58% of voters