By Michael,Allie,Jose,Loren

High school students

In high school your parents are probably putting pressure on you to get a job. Once you start getting an income you need to open up a bank account. But what are you really getting into with getting an bank account of a credit/debit card? When you open an account you need to know the responsibilities that come with them such as not going over your limit on your credit card or take out all of your money in your account.

If you take a loan out to help pay for college expenses you need to make sure you research all the possibilities and rules they have for borrowing their money. You also need to make sure that after college is over you have a plan ready to pay back all the money you borrowed. The faster you pay off your debt the less you have to pay.

You need to start building a good credit because that is the only way you will be able to get a loan. you can start building credit by getting a credit card. By doing this you are able to show that you are responsible and are able to pay it back. When they are checking your credit score they want to make sure that you are a reliable person and are able to pay the loan back.

College Students

since they are paying bills they have to keep in mind that they can't just take money out from loans and that they are going to be sacrifice.

they should known if they buy a car the smart thing to do is pay monthly that way you can build up there credit scores and with high credit scores you can get a better loans.

Its always good to start saving up like adding 2% of your money to a saving account that way during your retirement you will have enough to support yourself .

A good way to have a good credit scores is to pay your bills on time also when you get a loan make sure you pay on time.

Young/Middle Aged adults

With living expenses what people should understand about credit/debt is that you should watch what you spend, spend what we need and not wants

Advice that would be important about loans is that you should pay back everything you owe

The negatives about aspects of credit with starting a family is you end up spending money on others more than you spend on yourself, you have to take care of your family needs first which will cause you lose money

The positives about aspects of credit with starting a family is you are satisfying your family needs on what they want.

How you can protect your credit score is make sure you don't owe too much money, the less you owe the more money you have

Older adults/Seniors

How can older adults invest for retirement? They can set up plans that will help them with setting up with there retirement later on in life.

How can they pay off a lot of debts and still manage credit? They can set up bank accounts and pay off debts with credit cards and set up plans to help them do that.

How can they protect their credit score? They go to banks to set up there credit and allow them self to maintain there credit score so they could have good credit scores