Heart Screening

A New Early Warning Cardiac Check can Save Lives

See if any of the following applies to you

High Blood Pressure, Unfit, Inactive, Poor Diet

High Cholesterol, Poor Circulation

Smoker /Ex Smoker, Stress

Family History of Heart Disease

Heart Attack , Stroke

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Screening Can Save Your Life

Heart Screening is a non-invasive method of testing the stiffness of the arteries. As we get older our arteries get stiffer with a build up of plaque and Cholesterol, which can prevent our blood from flowing freely. If you are a smoker, overweight, suffer from stress or have any other medical issues you are in a high risk category. Cardiac Screening will test your heart, Arteries, Blood Pressure and Central Aortic Pressure giving you an overall Heart Health result. You will also be tested for A-Fib which many people develop through their lives and are completely unaware of. It can be a major contributing factor to a stroke.

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This quick, pain free, non-invasive Cardiac Screening will give you a baseline of your Heart Health in less than 30 minutes

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