The history of school in Canada

things like "who invented school?" and Residential school's

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Who invented school

Mr.Harry.P is the first known person to make a school. It was the year 1369. It wasn't like school we have now but eventually adults joined and it began starting like school that we are in right now.

The first school system

The first ever kinds of schools were not like the school systems we know today. They taught religious values instead of usual subjects like math and history.

Today's version of the school system was created by a man named Horace Mann in 1836. these school's use to be separated between males or females.

Deciding where to go

In Canada it is the Law for any child over the age of 5 to attend school. Luckily there are many options to choose from when deciding where to go to school. There is the public, private, catholic, and french school systems. There is also an option to be home schooled. The Private and religious systems are the only ones that you have to pay for yourself. These costs can be anywhere from $200 per year to $50,000 per year. An example of a religious school in Windsor is the An-Noor private Islamic School, located in the West end. This school teaches the Arabic language, and religion, while following the Ontario curriculum. An example of a private school is the Canadian Christian Academy. Some people choose the private school system because they feel they receive a higher level of education.

Canadas not so nice past

In the 1930's the Canadian Government and some churches created what they called residential school's. Aboriginal children were taken from their families and forced to attend these school's. Most had to stay for long periods of time. Some over 1 year, some never made it home. It is said that these schools actually had graveyards on site. The children where abused mentally,physically and sexually. The schools finally closed in 1996. Today the Government and churches are still trying to apologize and the courts have awarded the survivors of these schools over 1 billion dollars. See the video below it will tell you more information about the residential schools.
Reconciling to a Hard Truth

Question time!!!!!

Grab piece of paper and put your answers on your page!!!

1.Do you know what type of school Forest Glade is?

2.Do you remember how the schools used to be separated?

3.What is Canada's law about school?

4.Why did they invent school?

5.In what year did Mr.Harry.P invent school?

6.What was one of the things that was banned from schools?

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