Ancient Kingdom of Mali

By; Oreoluwa Awoleye

----Mali's Rise----

  • Many, many years ago there were three kingdoms to grow an develop in the Savanna grasslands.

  • The was first Ghana, second Mali , and finally Songhay.

  • It started of with small trading With Ghana Growing little by little, bit by bit, but as The kingdom of Ghana began to decline, Mali (Melle) was there to take its plac

  • Until the 11th Century, Mali was a very small and insignificant kingdom.
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---Sundiata Keita---

  • Kings had little prestige

  • Sundiata Keita empowered and made the kingdom of Mali flourish

  • Keita freed his people in a revolt in the early 13 hundreds. led the Malinke people, a subject group of sosso

---Mansa Musa---

  • During the 14th century, a descendant of Sundaita , Mansa Musa developed and grew Mali

  • Mansa Musa made Mali prosperous

  • 1312-1337 the Keita Dynasty Ruled An empire , also including a land called the francophone

during this time;

  • Mali was predominately agricultural

  • Many also crafted and mined

  • Musa Converted to Islam and went on a pilgrimage to mecca in the year of 1324.


  • Successor Of Mansa Musa

  • Enjoyed the flourishing economy with good international trade relations

  • The government extended as far as the Atlantic to Lake Chad.

  • Along with his death a civil war followed

  • In the beginning of the 15th century,Mali lost most of its provinces

  • Mali continued to live as a small independent state

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