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My name's Ameena, I am a young High School student who is curious, and adventurous, I love to read and write , but more than that, I love knowledge, the pursuit of knowledge is never-ending, the day you stop seeking knowledge is the day you stop growing, I like to expand my knowledge on travel, open up to the knowledge of different regions, that consist of different countries, learn about the language and culture of these countries and know what makes a country unique, completely different to another, what makes it special.

Europe is definitely my favourite tourist region, with 28 countries that are geographically close together but so different when viewed from a closer perspective, I was born in the United Kingdom and spent the first fourteen years of my life there, before I moved to Canada, Europe has personal and cultural significance to me, I have family, friends and memories in Europe that will always be a part of me.

My Bucket list-Europe

Ibiza, Spain

Surrounded by beautiful seas, rich in good weather, mountains and valleys, Ibiza attracts adventure and exploration for all ages, interests and experience, with boat cruises, watersports, diving, beaches, restaurants, shopping facilities and sightseeing, a tourist is completely impressed and spoiled for choice on what to do first!

VIDEO-Travel Guide: Ibiza, Spain

This video outlines Spain's lifestyle and tourism and shows how much Spain has to offer for tourists seeking adventure and experience from attractions that are suited to many.
Travel Guide: Ibiza, Spain