Disability and Assistive Technology Center

Mission Statement

“The Disability Services Mission is to ensure that qualified students with disabilities are provided equal access and accommodations appropriate to their disability in all UWSP programs and academic pursuits. Inherent in the mission statement is the commitment to abide not only to the letter but the spirit of the law; Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act-1973, the Americans with Disabilities Act-1990, and more recently the ADAAA (amendment) of 2008.”


  • 1973, Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act required service programs for students with disabilities

  • In 2012, the DATC moved from “Student Affairs” in the Student Services Building to “Academic Affairs” in its current location

  • Number of students served has grown from 153 students in 2005-06 to 515 students in 2013-14

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  • Accommodations provided include:

    • Sign language interpreters

    • Scribes (note takers)

    • Recording of lectures

    • Enlarged copies

    • Preferred seating

    • Faculty notification of needs

    • Referrals for tutoring

    • Quiet rooms for testing

    • Additional time for tests

    • Test readers/scribes

  • Assistive Technologies provided include:

    • Materials in audio format

    • Text-to-Speech (Dragon Naturally Speaking)

    • Text zoom

    • Recording devices


  • The DATC frequently attends and sets up booth at UWSP orientation, Viewpoint days, the SPASH transition fair, Lion’s Camp transition fair, etc. to discuss services with interested students

  • Students can be self-referred or referred by faculty

  • Students must qualify for services

    • Documentation of needed services from a professional is needed

    • Once documentation is provided, the intake process begins in which DATC staff meeting with the student (and possibly parents) for an interview, to review documentation, a draw up a plan for the student

  • There is not cost or application for DATC services


  • Mostly funded by General Purpose Revenue (GPR) dollars

  • The offices are funded by a small amount of the GPR

  • Accommodation expenses are funded by GPR dollars from the state government and differently than the offices

  • Budget cuts affect the offices/staff, not mandated services as they are required by law


  • The DATC has underwent 8 years of intensive assessment

  • Data is collected by the DATC and an annual report is completed by the Director

  • Predetermined outcomes, objectives, etc. as well as successes and failures of services are analyzed

  • A student satisfaction survey is also completed by students who receive DATC services


  • During the summer, the DATC meets with students and parents

    • Discuss qualification, services needed, student particulars, etc.

    • If a student is 18 years of age and feels parents can be helpful, a signed release of information is needed

  • Unofficial collaboration with SPASH in which the DATC sets up a booth at the school’s annual post-secondary transition fair

  • Booths are also set up at the Lion’s Camp transition fair, UWSP orientations, and UWSP Viewpoint days, allowing students to talk with representatives from the DATC

  • The DATC tries to get involved wherever it can, but is not a recruiting agency or on transition committees

Link to IEP and Transition

  • Looks to help and aid students with disabilities with the transition from high school to college

  • Will often receive IEP or 504 plans from students/schools

    • IEPs can be helpful in conjunction with a psych report, but not entirely used to determine services

    • IEPs reviewed for information

    • Forms are given to the student for a doctor to assess/qualify their eligibility for services

About Us

The DATC serves the University of Wisconsin - Stevens Point.

Room 609 of the Learning Resource Center.

Offices hours are Monday through Friday, 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.