Fifth Grade Flyer

March 28, 2016

Fifth Grade Families:

Good Morning!

Happy Spring! We hope that everyone had a great Spring Break and Easter Weekend with family and friends. Spring time also means MAP Testing is right around the corner. This is the time of the year where it seems to fly by. Here are a few reminders on some important events coming up:

MAP Testing:

MAP test is quickly approaching. We will be preparing for the test by doing some released MAP items from previous years, reviewing tricky math concepts, working on comprehending reading passages and reviewing science concepts. It is very normal for the students to be nervous about the test!

To bring some encouragement to the students and help with their nerves, I am asking a favor. Please think of someone in your child’s life who is important, inspirational, or just someone your child thinks is awesome! Some examples include: mom, dad, sister, brother, aunt, uncle, babysitter, grandma, grandpa, teacher, etc. Once you have chosen the person, please have them write a letter of encouragement to your child. When the letter is complete, please send it to me in a sealed envelope with your child’s name on the front (shhh… this is a secret!). The letters are due back by Friday, April 15th.

On the first day of MAP testing, I will hand out the letters for the students to read. They will be so surprised and hopefully, it will give them that extra boost to “do their best on the test!” Please let me know if you have any questions!

We will be testing on the following days:

Thursday, April 28th All Day

Friday, April 29th All Day

Monday, May 2nd All Day

Wednesday, May 4th All Day

Thursday, May 5th Morning

Volunteer Luncheon:

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Language Arts:

In reading, the students will be applying the comprehension skill of cause and effect to fiction and informational text. An effect is what happens, and a cause is why it happened. Signal words, such as because, so, if, therefore, since, consequently, as a result etc. can help readers identify cause and effect relationships. Identifying cause and effects helps readers recognize the relationships among events and understand how different actions might result in different effects.

In writing, the students are starting a new unit of study. They will be learning different ways to write an argumentative piece by suspending their judgment and gathering evidence to support both sides. The students first topic they will be arguing about is whether or not our school should ban or allow chocolate milk in our school's cafe. Ask your child what their opinion is on this topic!


In math, the students are learning about decimals. In this unit, they will extend their understanding of the base-10 place value system to include decimals. They read, write and represent decimals through thousandths in a variety of ways and learn strategies to compare, order and round decimals. They will also add and subtract decimals. The students will then be introduced to their first quadrant of the coordinate grid.
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In science, the students are starting a new physical science unit over matter and energy. Here are the matter and energy topics the students will be exploring:

Topic 1: Matter/Atoms

Topic 2: Static Electricity

Topic 3: Current Electricity (series and parallel)

Topic 4: Energy Transfer

Social Studies:

In social studies, the students are researching a Native American region as a group project. They are learning about the Native American's land, food, clothing, shelter, government, economy, trade, and other special customs and characteristics. The students will be organizing all of their information into a google slide presentation. Ask your child what region they are researching!

Upcoming Events:

Monday, April 4th: Blues Night

Tuesday, April 5th: NO CCL Volunteer Luncheon

Wednesday, April 13th: Early Dismissal 12:46pm

Monday, April 18th: Bread Company Night 4-8pm

Friday, April 22nd: Earth Day

Saturday, April 23rd: District Art Show @ Selvidge Middle School 12-3:30p,

Monday, April 25th: Progress Reports posted to Infinite Campus Portal

Friday, April 29th: School Principal's Day

Tuesday, May 3rd: National Teacher Appreciation Day

Friday, May 6th: Visit LaSalle Middle School and Wildcat Bash 4:30-7:30pm

Monday, May 9th: Track Meet

Tuesday, May 10th: Culver's Night 4-8pm

Wednesday, May 11th: Early Dismissal 12:46pm

Thursday, May 12th-Monday, May 16th: Smoky Mountains Field Trip

Monday, May 23rd: Epic 6 Celebration Field Trip

Tuesday, May 24th: Field Day

Wednesday, May 25th: Last Day of School: 5th Grade Graduation and Picnic

Early Dismissal 12:46pm