Mrs. Jenkins' Class Newsletter

February 2016

Curriculum Information

Looking back on the month of January, personally and professionally, it was a month of events, learning, and experiences. I'm so grateful to be here with all of you and all your amazing children. Thank you for letting me share this year with you. Your children have gotten me through times I hoped I would never have to experience, and because of them I know I can do hard things. Thank you!

Many of you have asked what we are doing for Valentine's Day. On February the 12th, we will be having a Valentine's party from 12:00-1:00. We are asking the children to make their own Valentine's boxes at home this year and bring them to school prior to or on February 12th. If your child would like to share some Valentines, please make sure there is enough for all the students. I will be emailing you home a class list so you know who is in our class. If you have further questions on this please let me know.

This week is conferences. Thursday will be 1/2 day of school and there will be no school on Friday. If you haven't had a chance to sign up for conferences please do so. I will be doing one per child and we are doing the student led conference style again this time.

This newsletter is linked to my website, which is continually under construction. On that website I have our class google calendar. Feel free to look at that and see the events happening this month. Please be forgiving of some of the links that may not be completed yet, it's in the process of being attached to the EBLS website as well. Here is the link:

For curriculum this month this is what we will be covering:

Math: We are just finishing division this week, and will be starting geometry next week.

Reading: We have been focusing a lot on text structures and are weaving that into our writing informational texts. Our literature books have taken the forefront this month as we are teaching the children how to write book reviews on these books that we do in class.

Writing: Informational Writing is still the big push this month with a review on Persuasive.

Science: This week we will be starting Rocks for 8 days then moving into Fossils for 8 days. If you have resources/skills/or outreach programs to share please let us know.

Social Studies: We had our Mountain Man celebration last week and we all loved every minute. Thank you to all who helped and donated their time and resources to make it a huge success.