An Exceptionally Eco-friendly

Warm Experience with Biopejs

An Exceptionally Eco-friendly Warm Experience with Biopejs

A biopejs which means bio fireplace is an innovative version of traditional fireplaces. Bio fireplaces are completely Eco friendly because its use bio-ethanol as a burning fuel. Bio ethanol is entirely an environment friendly product that is made of clean plant derivatives. Therefore it does not pollute the environment at all by toxins or any kind of fumes or dirt. Besides the look of this device is certainly the latest that fits perfectly with any modern slender interior. This new innovative technology is therefore just the thing that enhances the beauty of any home keeping the Eco friendly character intact that maintains a healthy atmosphere.

Traditional fireplaces always need chimneys to release the smoke whereas biopejs does not need any chimney. That is absolutely the best part of biopej. A chimney needs a lot of planning before installing a fireplace at home what biopejs do not need at all. If one feels the need of a fireplace, it can be instantly bought without any headache. Besides, it can be installed anywhere in a room or even outdoors. This is another huge facility that a biopej provides. There are three types of biopejs. They include, Wall Mounted Biopej, Free standing Biopej and the smallest one, Table top ethanol Biopej. The first type can be fixed onto the walls. The second type is portable and it can be moved effortlessly practically anywhere. And the smallest one is also pretty much useful for small rooms or to save space. All of these models have a quite elegant look to fit in any interior.

Biopejs does not produce harmful wastes as traditional fireplace. Bio ethanol burns in a clean flame that produces a very little amount of water. It only needs oxygen from the air which is simply negligible. The bio fireplace is made of a different type of burner. It contains the bio ethanol. The flame it produces is entirely odourless and no smoke can be found at all.

The use of biopejs is quite easy and one needs not to waste time by learning to operate it. It is highly technological for which one can control the heat pretty easily. There is turn on and turn off buttons to control it. After turning it on it needs a little time to produce heat. But after it starts working it makes the environment perfectly warm. Though it cannot heat a whole house, it is capable of heating a part of a room which depends on the size of the room and the size of the flame. It can increase few degree temperature of a small room of course but. To refill the burner the fireplace needs around 15 minutes only to cool down.

It is such an invention that serves people without harming their health. Besides, the installation cost is much less than a traditional fireplace. Not only that, the maintenance charge is also very low. These facilities make it a quite attractive and desirable to their users. The people who most need a fireplace but need to keep the house unpolluted and Eco friendly, they like to go for a blopej as there is no other option in the market.