Hadley's Bucket List

April 2015


The person i would go skydiving in Pattaya, Thailand with Payton because she is funny and i think she would like to go with me. weathering happens in this location by the wind formed the mountains in this area. This area has a lot of mountains and a lot of grass land. This area is vary pretty.
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zip lining

I would go zip lining in Labadee, Haiti. The person i would go zip lining with is my little sister Toryn because shes just like me and has been wanting to go zip lining. weathering happens here from the water running up on thee shoreline. This area's sea is vary blue and big and vary pretty.
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Fly Boarding

I would go fly boarding in Miami, Florida. The person i would go fly boarding with is Garrett because he said " its raw" and would like to go. Physical weathering happens here by the waves moving back and forth. This area you would see here is lots of water, land and trees.
Flyboard Avataara - Insane Tricks!!!

Scuba Diving

I would go scuba diving in

Maaya Thila, Maldives

The person i would go scuba diving with is my best friend from where i used to live (Alexis) because we love going swimming. physical weathering happens here as the waves pick up the sand and moves it different places. In this area would see water that is colored really blue and white sand and in the water you would see coral reef's fish and even maybe sharks.
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Rope swinging

I would go rock climbing in Wye Creek, Queenstown, New Zealand.
The person i would go rock climbing is Ashlyn because she is one of my best friends and one of my closest friends. The weathering that happens in this area is that the erosion breaks down the rocks from the mountain and picks them up and drops them and then they hit the mountain again and breaks more pieces of the mountain off and after awhile when the rock keeps hitting the mountain over and over again its soon forms a piece of land you will see below. The things u would see in this area is lots of trees and mountains and grass and rocks.