Cook Often Boot Camp

8 weeks to better cooking

Join the coolest cooking classes online

Learn to cook. You’ll get a coach and a cheerleader as your gain command of your kitchen. As your coach I'll soon have you chopping, stirring, and sautéing with confidence. Each 60 minute cooking classes to get you comfortable in your kitchen, making food that suits your tastes and your lifestyle.

Buy 4 Classes, Get 4 Free!

Purchase the Cooking Class package or Cook Often Coaching package and receive 4 additional classes for free!

  • How do I contact you with questions about this service?

    You can send me a message directly through BetterFly or email me at Email to find out more.

  • What type of equipment do I need?

    A cutting board and a chef’s knife, a baking sheet, a skillet, a casserole pan, and a heavy pan with a lid. The idea is to learn to cook with the equipment you already own. But if you don’t own something important, let me know so I can help you get set up for success!

  • What will we be cooking? And where does the food come from?

    Before your consultation we will cover the menu options, and you'll choose what we cook. I can provide you with a shopping list, we can include the Market Bootcamp session and purchase what is needed or I can order the product and have it delivered before our coaching session or classes

  • What's the deal if I have to cancel?

    Students are able to cancel sessions up to 24 hours prior to the session without penalty. Within 24 hours, it is up to the instructor / coach to decide whether or not to accept the cancellation

Poached Halibut