School Board Meeting Highlights



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All motions were approved.

Today Marked Day 90 of the State Budget Impasse

Business Meeting

New Professional Staff Reception

The Principals and Dr. Rod Troutman, Assistant Superintendent, introduced approximately 40 new professional staff members to the School Board. After introductions, the School Board welcomed them with punch and cookies during a brief reception.


Roundtable Comments

Everyone commented that it was nice to be introduced to the 44 newly hired professional staff and 10 new administrators in the school district since last September. They expressed gratitude to Pam Kelly, HR Director, and the Principals for spending so much time interviewing to find the best candidates for positions within the District. Many mentioned that the Open Houses around the District were a wonderful display of welcome to parents in the District. They also commented on the fine job that Fogelsville did in celebrating its 50th Anniversary on Saturday during the community open house which included participation by all past principals of the school.

Mrs. Marcus reported on LCCC stating that they were looking to expand the popular Carbon County after-school SHINE program to Lehigh County. She stated that a Car Show would be held Nov. 14th. Mr. Kennedy reported on LCTI and stated that a sale of the house that the students built looked to be in the works in the near future. Mr. Cohen reported on the Parkland Library noting that they are planning to refurbish the current library with new paint, furniture, lighting, carpet and shelving to satisfy short-term needs. He stated that the library would be closed for approximately one month when the updates begin and that it will be announced soon once they have a construction timeline finalized. Lisa Adams reported that the next Community Advisory Council meeting is scheduled for October 15th at 7 PM in the Ad Center with Eric Roberts, PHS Guidance Counselor, presenting information on the College Application Process and Student Activities at PHS.

Mr. Bold announced that today was day 90 of the state budget impasse. Mrs. Marcus elaborated on this point at the end of the meeting when she asked everyone to consider writing their legislators to advocate for a swift passage of the budget since all public school districts are entering October without any support from the state thus far which is causing financial concerns.

Next meeting: October 20, 2015 - Workshop 7 PM, Meeting 8 PM.