Marine Biology

Why I want to become a Marine Biology

What the person in the career does?

A Marine Biologist is a person that does not just study animals but also the physical features of the sea. Anatomy, Physical behavior sciences, basic Biology, zoology, Chemistry, biometrics and mathematics are degrees people need to get to be a Marine Biologist. It takes you up to 4-8 years to become a Marine Biologist. Marine Biologists go and dive in the sea and write what they observe. For example, how the fish were acting and some test about the water and how they were behaving. Marine biologist do a lot of experiments not only on fish but also on how they behave.

What skills do I need?

Anatomy, Physical behavior, basic Biology, zoology, Chemistry, Biometrics and mathematics degrees. You need to be able to scuba dive and you have to swim, to be able to become a Marine biologist.

What do we need?

You need a lot of credits in science for your Bachelor and for your Masters you need a degree in Marine Biology ranging from bachelors to science to doctors degree. It takes about six years to get your Masters and about 10-11 years, in school to become a Marine Biologist.

Some of the jobs that a Marine Biologist does ?

Why did I pick this career?

I want to do a career that I will really love to do something, I also I want to go and see what I'm capable of doing. Not just sports and school. I would love to find a new type of fish. I would like to find where great white sharks go to give birth, I would be able to find that out. I really don’t want to be behind a desk all day and never go out, to find something out new. I want to look back and say I found that out about an animal; it would be an awesome, fantastic and outstanding job. I can help get research from animals and prove a hypothesis wrong or right.

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