The government

By Mihkaela Kroesen

Three parts of government

We have three branches in our government. The judicial is our supreme court. The executive is the president. The legslative is the place where the laws are made.

the branches

Government Fun Facts! :)

The capitol is where the congress meets.The written plan for america is the constitution.

a person that comes to live in a new contry is a Immagrant.Democracy is when all the people take part.An Empire is a government ruled by one person.In Athens only some people get to vote You have to be adult, you cant be a slave, and you must be a male house owner.

Government History

George Washington was the very first president of our government.He led many wars for america.On december 14 1799 George washington died due to throught cancer. Paul Revere was a ordinary Colonial Man until He joined the army. Paul rode on his horse Shouting "the British are coming!" all through out NY. Paul revere died May 10 1818. Abraham LIncoln was a great President. Abe was first a lawer. He helped a man named Duff Armstrong. Duff was in jail for murder. HIs mother asked abe to help him out. The man that acused Duff has said Duff was in a big fight. Duff said he did not kill any one. Abe asked the man how did you see in the dark? the man said that it was full moon that night. abe got a book of facts and showed that there was no moon that night of the fight. Duff was innocent.In 1860 Abe was elected president.He said that he would make laws to end slavery. Abe ended slavery. Abe died in a theatere being assassinated by Jhon Wilkies Booth on April 15 1865.
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