An invasive species

Aedes albopictus (The Asian tiger mosquito) Cole Wyse

Type of organism?

This organism is an insect

Area of origin?

Asia, The Asian tiger mosquito came to the United States through shipments of used tires from northern Asia in the mid-1980s.

How the organism spread to other areas?

The Asian tiger mosquito is native to Southeast Asia and has been spread along major transportation routes by human activities, particularly commercial movement of scrap tires, to more than 900 counties in 26 states in the continental US.

How far has it spread?

Harris County, Texas in 1985. Since then known infestations have been reported as far east as Florida and Georgia, north to Maryland and Delaware, and as far west as Chicago, Minnesota and Nebraska. They've also been found in California

Damage it has done to NC?

None that can be find but they've caused some diseases in these following states with some description how they got there. China, In 1990–1991, they were most likely brought to Italy in used tires from Georgia (USA), and since then have spread throughout the entire mainland of Italy as well as parts of Sicily and Sardinia. Since 1999, they have established themselves in France, In 2002, they were also discovered in a vacation town island of Corsica, but did not completely establish themselves there until 2005. In Belgium, they were detected in 2000 and 2013, in 2001 in Montenegro, 2003 in Canton Tinico in southern Switzerland and Greece, 2004 in Spain and Croatia, 2005 in the Netherlands and Slovenia.

The plan for this species?

We should bring they're natural predators which are other mosquito larvae, flatworms, swimming beetles, fungi, ciliates, paramecia, protozoans which act as parasites, predatory cope-pods and spiders are natural enemies of the larval stage of Asian tiger mosquitoes. So with that being said we should boost that natural predator population but not too much because there is a possibility of the natural predators over populating can causing problems like the mosquito