Lets learn about Wilhelm Rontgen

Famous Scientist


Wilhelm Rontgen was a Famous Scientist. He was born on March 27, 1845 and he Died on February 10, 1923. He was the only child of a Cloth manufacturer and a Merchant. He was brought up to Netherlands after his family , including him moved in 1848. He received an early education at the institute of Martinus Herman Van Doorn, is a boarding School. Then later when to Utrecht Technical School. Unfortunately was expelled for being excused of pranking an other student. Wilhelm Rontgen Married Anna Bertha Ludwig. Before Wilhelm Became Famous, he was Always building mechanical objects.

What was He Famous For? and What did he accomplish to help us?

Wilhelm Rontgen was a German Scientist who is credited with the Discovery of X-rays.His Discovery of the effect of the invisible, but powerful rays that revealed, the bones inside the body, It has made possible many elements of the Modern medicine.


  • His Middle name was Conrad
  • He was Also Known as Roentgen
  • His mother was Dutch And His Father was German