Thoughts on Raptors

by Seth R.

About the Raptor

We have been blogging and writing abut eagles since March 3 of 2015 and have learning since. This smore will give you my view point of the eagles.

The Bald Eagle

The bald eagle is the national bird of the U.S.A. The bald eagles scientific names means sea eagle. The bald eagle is Spread throughout North America but about half the worlds bald eagles are in Alaska. Adult bald eagles have white heads with light black to light brown body. They have yellow feet with black talons. Their tails and necks are white also. They bad eagles main diet is fish but will eat other things. They can also be scavengers and feed on carcasses.
Berry College Eagles

This is the website we use to observe the eagles and collect information on the eagles.

Osprey cam

Here you can see the amazing Osprey.

Blue Bird Cam

This is where you can see the cute little blue birds of Berry College.

Shout Out to Dr.Carleton

We all thank Dr.Carleton for letting us see and learn about Berrys eagles. She has been very courteous to help us learn about the eagles. she has been helping us learn since the beginning.
Chat with Dr. Carleton

Dr.Carlton answers many great questions and maybe one of yours

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Awesome Photography

All the photos in this Smore are from Berry College or Google Images.

Here you can learn great information on all types of birds.