James Bond

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Is James Bond an epic hero?

James Bond is an epic hero because his ability to courageously accept challenges and is a man of action. He may not have any real superhuman powers but he uses his weapons to his advantage and encounters many woman along the way.


A: Living in the late 20th and 21st century there are really no morals when it come to sex. Both men and women can basically do what they want. James Bond has coitus with over 40 women.

B: The war is being fought to gain power by means of enslaving the population, mass genocide, scaring the population, or eliminating other competitors who wish to gain or defend the power. In this society, taking another person's life is justified when it is to save people, whether it's the entire population or a single person, keeping valuable information that could be used to save/destroy the world, or to defend your own life or that of someone else.

C: As this is the modern epic money plays a big role in the story. Money is a way of distributing ownership. "In 1955 Bond earned around £2,000 a year (£44,428 in 2014 pounds), although when on assignment he worked on an unlimited expense account."

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Drink: James Bond is an alcoholic, who is recorded of drinking over four times the recommended amount. His famous line, "Shaken, not stirred." stems from his inability to stir his drinks due to an arthritic reason in his hands.

Food: "When on a mission, Bond eats more extravagantly. This was partly because in 1953, when Casino Royale was published, many items of food were still rationed in the UK,and Bond was "the ideal antidote to Britain's postwar austerity, rationing and the looming premonition of lost power."

Epic Hero Cycle (From The Movie Skyfall)

The call-

James Bond works for the British Secret Inteligince Service, so the calls are giving to him by "M", the head of service.


When Bond is hit by a bullet and falls off the train into the water he goes through the threshold. He entered a great spy capable of simple tasks and comes out a man unable to do those simple things.

The Tests-

Before Bond can go on his quest he must pass test to become an agent again, once they are completed he can continue.

Into the Abyss-

When Bond and M sneak away to Skyfall Manor and try to accomplish their quest, they enter the lowest point in the plot. They face their fears to try to save others. Bond takes part in transformation when M dies, he is reborn.


When M dies James Bond realizes he shouldn't become a "desk agent."

Is James Bond Justified?

James Bond represents the power within the government. This power is represented in the agents and how they get things done. Based off the fact that James Bond's time period is very close to ours, we have a lot of similarities that we have with his. The people are shown that the government should not be defied because it leads to trouble. This is justified because James Bonds role is to keep things on track on the down low.


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