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November 2014 Report

Curriculum Impact

Mrs. Miller's classes all took the plunge and explored two new websites. As her students are preparing to read the Christmas Carol, they chose a topic from that time period that interested them and learned more about it by using Encyclopedia Britannica online. These 8th graders worked on summarizing the information they found in Encyclopedia Britannica. The students created a S'more using the information they gathered on their topics. These online flyers will be used while reading the Christmas Carol to create a deeper understand of the novel.

Mrs. Cooper and Mrs. Blank also read aloud Lester's Dreadful Sweaters, as we work toward having all of 6th grade students read 5 Bluebonnet nominated books by voting day in January 2015. This is a funny story about a boy having to wear ugly sweaters his relative knits for him. We've all had that kind of experience!

Stepping Towards My 2014-15 Goals

1. Enjoy every student, teacher and day of this school year.

2. Promote WGMS activities through a fun and interesting WCAT Radio program.

3. Increase usage of the statewide database program through inquiry projects in each subject.

Coming in December!

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