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Book Review by Amelia McPeak D.O.

Review for the book, My Mighty Mother by known

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Book Review

Title: My Mighty Mother

Author: Texanna Fernandez

Publisher: AuthorHouse

Reviewed by: Amelia McPeak D.O.

My Mighty Mother, by Texanna Fernandez, is the story of ten-year-old Lasaro, whose mother has a mental illness. Lazaro tells us that his mom, Alexendria, suffered from delusions and five years ago went to a psychiatric hospital for treatment for Bipolar. Lasaro has not seen his mother since that time, and when we meet him, he is preparing for her return.

Written in a child's voice for children, My Mighty Mother addresses the difficult

issues surrounding a family member with a severe mental illness, and the challenges a family faces in order to recover when a parent is absent for a long period of time due to illness. The author explores these issues in a sensitive and authentic way that only a person with personal experience of mental illness could. Lazaro and Alexandria are hopeful, but cautious. When Alexandria returns to the home after her five-year absence, Lazaro greets her with a handshake, not a hug. The hug will have to wait, he says.

My Mighty Mother, by Texanna Fernandez is an excellent book for children and

families coping with mental illness. It is gentle but firm, hopeful but realistic. It

depicts Bipolar as a very difficult illness to deal with, but one that can be managed and recovery achieved, if a good treatment plan is adhered to. My Mighty Mother is highly recommended for families dealing with mental illness and the clinicians and social workers assisting them in their recovery.

Amelia McPeak D.O

BoardCertified Psychiatrist

Medical Director,

Westbrook Health Services

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