Comparison of World Religions

Ayana Jones


  • It started with the birth of Jesus christ in 0 C.E
  • There are 2 billion people worldwide
  • This is a monotheistic religion their God is Jesus Christ
  • They believed that Jesus entered the world and died to humanity from sins
  • Christianty started in Judea about 2000 years ago
  • Christianty was spread by the Jews
  • The holy book is the Bible
  • People considered "holy" or special are Mary , God, Jesus , Moses, and Abraham
  • The God is in charge of christianty
Noah and the ark :

Noah was a righteous man. He Had three sons Shem, Ham, and Japheth . The earth was full with and violence and was corrupt of God's sight. God saw what the earth had turned into so, god said to Noah " I am going to put an end to all people, for the earth is filled with violence because of them. I am surely going to destroy them and the earth. So make yourself an ark of cypress wood. Make rooms in it and coat it with pitch inside and out. " God was going to destroy all life under the Heavens with floodwaters. God told Noah that him, his wife , his sons wives ,and sons was to enter the ark with all creatures male and female. Noah was to keep all the creatures alive, so Noah had to take every type of food with them to keep the creatures and his family alive. Then The Lord told Noah to go to the ark and take his family and the creatures. He was commanded to take seven pair of clean creatures male and it's mate , one pair of unclean creatures male and it's mate, and seven pair of birds male and it's mate . It rained for forty day and forty nights. At the end on the flood the ark rest on the Mountain of Ararat. After forty days noah sent a raven out and kept it flying back an forth until the water dried out. Then he sent a dove out to see if the water have dried up then the dove brought back a freshly plucked olive leaf.


  • Judaism started with the Hebrew people in the Middle East
  • Abraham , a Hebrew man started Judaism
  • Judaism was a monotheistic religion , their god was Tetreagrammator
  • Jews believed that there were one god
  • Judaism began about 4000 years ago
  • 14.5 million people worldwide is a Jew
  • The holy book is the Hebrew bible including the Torah
  • Moses and Abraham was considered holy
  • Abraham was in charge of the Jews
Story of Moses:

Moses was born to Amram and Jochebed in Egypt . He mother hidden him in the reed to protect him from the Pharaoh he wanted all males to be put to death. Pharaoh's daughter adopted the infant . When Moses grew up he went out of the royal palace to see the afflictions of his Hebrew brethren toiling under the lash of the Egyptian taskmaster. Moses slew the Egyptians . Moses then served as a shepherd to Jethro , the priest of Midian , whose daughter Zipporah , he married. God appeared in a burning bush and told Moses to return to Pharaoh and demand that the people be released. Pharaoh released them . The Egyptian pursued the escaping Israelites but were drowned. Moses them lead the people in the song of victory.


  • Buddhism was started in Northern India.
  • Buddha shakyamuni started Buddhism.