Silly Squirrel

February News


We would like to welcome Zoie to the Silly Squirrel Class!

Special Notes

  • Thank you to the families that brought in a morning snack, we really appreciate it.
  • There will be a sign up sheet outside of our classroom for treats to bring to our Valentines Day Party!
  • Our Valentines Day Classroom Party will be at 9:30 on Friday the 12th. Parents are more than welcome to join us!

Special Events & Birthdays!

February 2nd Create a Groundhogs day project

February 8th Wear your favorite team jersey

February 12th Wear pink & red

February 12th Valentines Day Class Party @ 9:30

February 14th Happy Valentines Day

February 15th Presidents Day

February 26th Pajama Day

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Last Month

Last month your children had a great month. They really enjoyed learning about things in the circus and loves making clown faces as you can see in the picture above!


During this month we will be focusing on Groundhogs Day and Shadows, Valentines,The Ocean & Outer Space.

Tips For Home

Making Choices is an important part of growing up. You can help you child grow in a healthy way by giving them a chance to practice decision making everyday.

If you want your child to learn about responsibility, it is very important to give him/her the experience of making choices. Structure these choices so that they are appropriate for the age of your child. For example, as the parent, you must decide which breakfast cereals are healthy for your child. You could however keep a few different brands of healthy cereal on hand and let your child choose each day which one he/she wants. Your child can also make choices about which bed time story to read, which toys to clean up first, or which of several outfits to wear. The older your child gets the more choices you can make available for them.

As Always......

If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to talk to Miss Shannon or Miss Jennifer at any time. We always want what is best for your children!