Dragon Points

Durham R.O.C.K.s!

Kudos Board!!!

Please make sure that you have acknowledged a faculty or staff member on the kudos board in the lounge. We will be using this to select our Teacher and Staff Members of the Month at our next faculty meeting.

The Power Zone

From The Fundamental Five...

The teacher who spends a significant amount of instructional time in the power zone is better able to accurately address specific student misconceptions. This increases student success; and in many cases, increases the overall pace of instruction, allowing teachers to increase the depth and/or breadth of the content presented.


This is just a gentle reminder that if you are not in your classroom, remove your magnet to lock your door (take your keys with you). Classrooms/locker rooms that are unlocked and unsupervised provide students an opportunity to participate in inappropriate activities. Window covers are for lockdown drills to prevent from being seen.

ARD Reminders

  • Be on time.
  • If you are invited to an ARD and will not be in attendance, please let the diagnostician know.
  • Accept ARD invites as you receive them.
  • No technology should be used in ARD's unless they are critical to the completion of the ARD.
  • No cross communication, verbal or nonverbal, during ARDS that is not critical to the completion of the ARD...decrease amount of unnecessary discussion that is off topic and stick to the points at hand.
  • ARD paperwork is a legal binding document. When you sign it, you are agreeing to comply with it. (Yes, you still have to sign it.)

Odds and Ends

  • Be on time to duty stations.
  • Discuss during team meetings: student testing opportunities (How many are we giving in one day?), review the weekly calendar, and Dragon Points.
  • If you write something on the board about a student's discipline, then it is not confidential. (Been there in the old Assertive Discipline days.) See confidentiality from previous Dragon Points.
  • Update grades weekly.


Progress involves risks. You can't steal second base and keep your foot on first.-Frederick B. Wilcox.