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Dealing with security and healthcare in poor countries

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The security situation in the Central African Republic has far too ideal. Are not you afraid?
Several years ago there was a little wild, but if you knew how to behave and where you can go, so it could handle. Free Health Review But in March 2013 there was a coup and

overthrow the president.
By now, the Central African Republic caught up in the violence, turmoil and political instability.
The result is a humanitarian crisis that the world does not speak much. For instance, in the, and of course in the area stopped to tourists, local people

came also the little income they had.
Currently we cannot go there anyone on our team, because it's too big a risk. Of course there is abuse of the national park because there is chaos

This is a great opportunity for poachers
The worst case was when poachers killed dozens of elephants for ivory on the famous Danger clearing in the middle of the forest. It appeared also in the

American media.
However, in my opinion, is a must see especially the desperate situation of people across the Central African Republic.
Do you feel the at home?