As a class we have just read the article "Should Dodge Ball Be Banned?" and located the author's claim and evidence. You are going to do read more arguments that fit in the same theme of the danger of kids and sports.

Article B: Before Reading (Partner Work)

1. Open up your copy of this document (Argument-Reasons and Evidence)

2. Before Reading

Diffusing Strategy

a. Skim and scan the text and highlight unfamiliar words

b. Use context clues to determine each word's meaning

c. Use other resources (dictionary, peer) to determine the meaning

d. Write a synonym or clue next to the word that will help you understand the word as you read.

Article B: During Reading

1. Read and mark up the text in two colors for the reasons and evidence provided for both sides of the argument.

2. Turn to your partner after each chunk to paraphrase the text.

Article B: After Reading

1. Complete the organizer on your document to analyze both sides of the issue.

2. Reread the text if necessary.

3. Brainstorm other reasons and/or evidence that might strengthen either side of the argument.

4. Add your suggestions to this document.


Article C: Get a hard copy of the article from Mrs. Goulding's desk!

Article C: Before Reading (Independent)

1. Use the diffusing strategy to determine the meaning of unfamiliar words.

Article C: During Reading (Independent)

1. Read the text independently

2. Mark the text for the reasons (R) and evidence (E) provided for both sides of the argument.

3. Paraphrase after each section.

Article C: After Reading (Independent)

1. What is your opinion on a limit to full-speed hitting in youth football? Complete the organizer on this document with your claim, reason and most effective evidence in the text.

2. Submit on google classroom.

Writing Prompt: Putting it All Together (Independent)

1. Create a google doc in your Argument folder

2. Freewrite: Should youths be banned from participating in sports such as dodgeball, cheerleading, and football?

3. Your opinion, reasons and evidence will be used when we hold a Philosophical Debate next week!

Philosophical Debate

1. Watch this video

2. Read over the directions of a Philosophical Debate

3. Go through your documents and prepare your opinion (claim, reasons, evidence)

4. You may want to print any documents that will help you participate in the debate!

5. Scoring Guide

Possible Questions for Debate:

1. Should youths be banned from dodgeball? Cheerleading? Football?

2. What age would be appropriate IF these sports were allowed?

3. Should youths be banned from participating in these sports: dodgeball, cheerleading and football?