Raise the driving age to 18 not 16

By jose E


Teens are risking their lives as well as others. Teens are imiture behind the wheel.

In 2011there where about 2,650 teens in the United States aged 16–19 that were killed and almost 292,000 injured. This means that there where 7 teens age 16-19 that died everyday that year. Teens are immature drivers because they feel like nothing can happen to them since they have their license but crash risk is particularly high during the first months of licensure. The presence of male teenage passengers increases the likelihood of this risky driving behavior.


peoples opinions on this topic

" All 50 states prohibit 16-year-olds from drinking alcohol, buying cigarettes, and purchasing handguns. Yet somehow most states are willing to put them in charge of a car, which could potentially be a deadly weapon." said by- Representative John D'Amico
Democrat, Illinois State Legislature

By Jayne O'Donnell, USA TODAY

U.S.-based highway safety experts often point out how much harder it is for teenagers in many other countries to get a license. Some European nations don't allow learner's permits until age 17 or 18. Even when 16-year-olds in Europe are allowed to drive, the costs of required driver training and insurance often delay licensing until they're older.

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