The Twits Treehouse

by: Bri and Elisha

The Twits by Road lDahl

This book is the best book ever,it's funny and also a bit cheeky, so it that is called the "Twits".

The 52 Story Treehouse

"The 52 Story Treehouse" is about, a treehouse with loads of levels.

The Twits, about the book

The book can be a bit cruel to animals, in one part they glue a monkey to a tree and capture indandered birds, into a big cage.

The 52 Story Treehouse, about the book

The book is about: 2 kids that have a expanding treehouse. Every time that it expands, it expands by 13 storys. A few of the levels include: watermelon smashing room, see through shark tank,and a story writing room.