Municipal Government Services

In Canada, municipal government is a type of local council authority that provides local services, facilities, safety and infrastructure for communities.[1][2] Canada has three levels of government; federal, provincial and municipal. According to Section 92(8) of the Constitution Act, 1867, "In each Province the Legislature may exclusively make Laws in relation to... Municipal Institutions in the Province."[3] There are about 3,700 municipal governments in Canada.[4] Technically the municipal government is not sanctioned in the Constitution but may be established pursuant to provincial/territorial authority.[5]
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Provincial Government Services

Under Canada's federal system, the powers of government are shared between the federal government and 10 provincial governments. The provinces are responsible for public schooling, health and social services, highways, the administration of justice, and local government. However, overlapping and conflicting interests have stretched provincial concerns across virtually every area of Canadian life. Provinces are free to determine their own levels of public services, and each province has been true to its economic and cultural interests in its own fashion.

Federal Government Services