Team 7 Newsletter

October 14-18

Student Led Conferences

Student Led Conferences are going to take place on October 21, 22 and 23. You should have received a link to sign up for your students conference through email. If you have questions about signing up for a conference please contact your student's Cat Time Teacher and they will be able to help you get signed up.

Your student is working hard on a presentation to share with you about how their school year is going so far. You will also be able to speak with other teachers during the periods of time in between scheduled conferences.

Interim State Assessments

Language Arts and Math will be giving the interim state assessments at some point during this week. The goal is to see what standards students are performing well on and what standards we need to focus on as the year progresses. Students will get all modifications on the interim that they get on the state assessment. If you have any questions please contact Ms. McGehee or Mrs. Martin.


Below are the things your student will be doing in math this week (subject to change):

Monday: Students do not have school

Tuesday: Students will be introduced to their Action Figure Scale Project

Wednesday and Thursday: Students will use class time to complete their project

Friday: Students will take the Math Interim Assessment-students will need to come to school with a charged computer and headphones

**If students stay focused in class and work as a group they should be able to complete all parts of the project during class and will not be assigned homework this week**

VFW Contests

Below are some different contests that your student can get involved with through the VFW.

Language Arts--Mrs. Martin

Weekly Assignments: This week, we will take the interim state assessment, and begin working on a web quest to go along with our first text of the quarter: "The Monsters are Due on Maple Street." This is a tele-play of an old Twilight Zone episode that will help us explore the essential question: What are the effects of irrational thinking? Students should not have any homework this week, unless they are not using their time well in class, and then they may have to finish an assignment for homework.

A Note on Student-Led Conferences: I am only going to be available until 5:30 the nights of SLCs, and will do my best to schedule everyone within that time. I will be available on Thursday as well, if we are unable to schedule within my available times. I apologize for any inconvenience, but my husband has just deployed and I need to be able to pick up my young kids from daycare before it closes. Thank you for understanding.

Social Studies-- Mr. Beles

As we begin the new grading period with a short week, we will continue trucking through our 2nd Unit, the U.S. and Canada. We finished last week a little bit behind, but we will pick up with activities looking at the economies of the U.S. and Canada. That will keep us busy for the first two days of the week, and then the second will focus on the theme of Human Environment Interaction. Should be a pretty relaxed week, we will not have another 80% grade until next week, but it will likely be next Monday, so we need to make sure we do what we need to this week to be prepared!

Tuesday: Econ Notes

Wednesday: Econ comparing/contrasting activities

Thursday: Human Environment Interaction notes

Friday: Human Environment Interaction class activities

Science - Mrs. Brown

In science, we will continue working on ecosystems and interactions of living things. Next topics include biomes, biogeography, and resources needed to survive. This week we are looking at the 6 major biomes and the aquatic biomes. We will be having our chapter 2 test next Tuesday.

Tuesday - Biome hunter

Wednesday - Biome hunter

Thursday - Aquatic biomes

Friday - Biogeography

Hope you have a great week. Don't forget conferences.