Brahma Briefing

Week 23: January 31 - February 4, 2022

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MONDAY - 1/31


  • Welcome to Black History Month
  • Happy Lunar New Year - Year of the Tiger!
  • Chipotle Fundraiser (HOSA) 4:00 - 8:00 PM
  • Clothing Drive Fundraiser (Choir) 6:00 - 7:00 PM
  • Top 10 Applications Due (USB)
  • V Girls Soccer @ Walnut 5:15 PM
  • JV Girls Soccer @ Walnut 3:15 PM
  • V Boys Soccer vs Walnut Home 5:15 PM
  • JV Boys Soccer vs Walnut Home 3:15 PM
  • V Girls Basketball vs South Hills Home 5:00 PM
  • IB C/O 2024 Parent Meeting (Theater) 7:00 - 8:00 PM


  • Groundhog Day
  • Mt. Sac Connect 4 Process (Linc) 7:00 AM - 3:00 PM
  • FCA General Meeting (Room 733) Lunch
  • Girls League General Meeting (Theater) Lunch
  • V Boys Basketball vs Rowland Home 6:30 PM
  • JV Boys Basketball @ Rowland 3:15 PM
  • F Boys Basketball @ Rowland 4:45 PM
  • V Girls Basketball vs Rowland Home 4:45 PM
  • JV Girls Basketball vs Rowland Home 3:15 PM


  • Valentine Plush Sale (Girls League) Lunch
  • USABO Open Exam (Linc) 1:00 - 2:00 PM
  • V Boys Soccer vs Rowland Home 5:15 PM
  • JV Boys Soccer vs Rowland Home 3:15 PM
  • V Girls Soccer @ Rowland 5:15 PM
  • JV Girls Soccer @ Rowland 3:15 PM

FRIDAY - 2/4

  • Freshmen and Sophomore Remix (Stadium) 4th Period
  • V Boys Basketball vs Walnut Home 6:30 PM
  • JV Boys Basketball @ Walnut 3:15 PM
  • F Boys Basketball @ Walnut 4:45 PM
  • V Girls Basketball vs Walnut Home 4:45 PM
  • JV Girls Basketball vs Walnut Home 3:15 PM
  • V Girls Soccer vs Los Altos Home 3:15 PM
  • F/S Girls Water Polo @ Tournament 1:00 PM


  • Key Club Region 13 Conclave - Annual Election (All Day)
  • V Girls Soccer vs Rowland @ Home 12:00 PM
  • JV Girls Soccer vs Rowland @ Home 10:00 AM
  • V Boys Soccer @ Rowland 12:00 PM
  • JV Boys Soccer @ Rowland 10:00 AM
  • F/S Girls Water Polo @ Tournament 8:00 AM

SUNDAY - 2/6

  • V Girls Soccer vs South Hills @ Home 1:00 PM
  • V Girls Basketball vs South Hills @ Home 12:00 PM

DBHS Athletics Calendar - Click HERE for all athletic contests!


Congratulations to our students who entered NASA's TechRise Student Challenge! Jeffrey Gong, Jason Kim, William Li, Duncan Seshiki, Jessica Wang and Allison Yuh will receive $1,500 to build their experiments and a NASA-funded spot to test them, either on suborbital rocket flights operated by Blue Origin or UP Aerospace, or on a high-altitude balloon flight from Raven Aerostar! Special thanks to Mr. Johnny Hwang for leading our students!

Click HERE for more exciting details.

Go Brahmas!

Hello Brahma Parents and Guardians of English Learners,

Our English Learners will take the ELPAC exam on the following dates based on their grade level:

  • 9th grade: February 3 at 8:00 a.m.

  • 10th grade: February 4 at 8:00 a.m.

  • 11th grade: February 9 at 8:00 a.m.

  • 12th grade: February 10 at 8:00 a.m.

The ELPAC exam is a test that will measure your child’s progress in learning the English language. The ELPAC will test their abilities in reading, writing, listening and speaking. They will also take the district writing assessment during this testing period.

Please carefully read the directions below and review it with your child as it will provide important information about their ELPAC test. A copy of this notification letter has also been sent to your child’s school email:

  • Report to the LINC (DBHS library) at 8:00 a.m. on the day of your test. DO NOT go to your period one class.

  • Bring your DBHS chromebook and charger with you. If you do not have a DBHS chromebook, one will be provided to you when you check in for the test.

  • Bring your student ID card.

  • Bring your personal earbuds/headphones. If you do not have earbuds/headphones, they will be provided to you.

  • The test will take approximately 3.5 to 4 hours. When you finish with your test, you will go to class based on your schedule.

  • Bring your backpacks and personal belongings with you for later in the school day. You may not use a cell phone or any notes/materials from your classes during the ELPAC test.

This test is important because it is one of the criteria used to determine your child’s readiness to reclassify as an English Learner. Please make sure they get a good night’s rest and eat a healthy breakfast.

They may prepare for the ELPAC by taking some of the online practice tests. Click on this LINK!

If you have any questions about the ELPAC, please email Mrs. Cho ( or Mrs. Flores (

We look forward to seeing you in a couple of weeks for the ELPAC! Good luck!


Mrs. Flores and Mrs. Cho

EL Coordinators

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*New - Live Stream Events in the Gym, Aquatic Center, & Stadium!

Exciting News!

Over Holiday break our Athletic Directors, Alexis Feix and Kurt Davies, coordinated the installation of Live Stream cameras in our Gym, Aquatic Center and Stadium!

This means you can live stream all home events by subscribing at

Click HERE to subscribe!

Go Brahmas!

NCAA Eligibility Center

NCAA Eligibility Center

Attention Senior Student-Athletes:

If you plan on participating in college-level athletics at the NCAA Division I or II levels and are in contact with college coaches, you must be certified as an eligible athlete by the NCAA ELIGIBILITY CENTER.

*Register online at

Mr. Patterson, our NCAA GLC, will be notified by the Eligibility Center once you have registered. At that time, your transcript will be sent to the Eligibility Center by Mr. Patterson. Only students in the Class of 2022 should register at this time.

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Hello Seniors and Senior Parents,

If you would like to purchase a senior ad in this year's yearbook, please click on the Senior Ad picture below for all of the information!

This year we are working with our publishing company, Herff Jones, to provide you with the opportunity to create your ad with their easy to use website. If you have any questions, please contact the yearbook adviser, Mrs. Stacy Tenace at

Weekly COVID Testing @ DBHS

Each MONDAY at DBHS, we will be providing voluntary COVID testing for all WVUSD students and staff. The drive-through clinics will occur in our Faculty Parking lot. Testing is also available at Suzanne Middle School (Tuesday), South Pointe Middle School (Wednesday), Walnut High School (Tuesday) and Walnut City Library (Thursday).

Please utilize the registration link if you would like to COVID test.

*No appointments are needed, but preregistration is requested.

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