Trailer Crew News

CB East Band

Special Thanks!

Our season got off to a great start this past Friday with an exciting game against Boyertown. Kudos to all the band dads who showed up and helped us out -- I'm not sure I've ever had that many guys helping out -- it was awesome! A special thankyou to Russ Miller (Pulled Pork / Corn on the cob) and everyone who donated to our 3rd quarter meal. And a special shout out to Mike Hutkin (band dad alumnus) who helped us out as well.

Work Detail

This is last minute notice -- but tomorrow night (Wednesday 9/4 @ 7pm) Andrew Morey and myself are planning to meet at the school to install tow hitches to a few of our newer mallet instruments as well as make some minor modifications to existing setups. We could use additional hands if you are available. It's going to come down to drilling out some holes and installing the mounting hardware. If we have more hands the process should go quickly. All welcome.

Next Game

Our next game is this Saturday (9/7) AWAY against Norristown. At this point there are minimal signups for this game for trailer crew and more hands are needed. Please check your schedules and if you are available and can work this event please contact me or go to the signup genius (see band website) and add your name. As for food...I'm thinking perhaps it's a good event to get out the grill and cook up some Turkey Burgers! We have some leftover frozen patties from the band picnic that needs to be used up. Other suggestions are invited and we will plan to coordinate our "menu" as we get closer to Saturday.

Additional work needed

I will be in touch with you about scheduling up another work detail to do some touch up painting of the trailer. Mr. Morehouse gave us his approval to repaint the stripes on the large trailer. I have the paint and supplies but we didn't get around to it prior to the start of the season. Part of the issue -- construction dirt. We will need to schedule this activity most likely on a Saturday or Sunday (soon) when there is minimal traffic in the parking lot and the dust isn't flying or rain drops a fallin!

small trailer lighting

I installed some rope lighting on the interior of the small trailer the other day to help light up the interior at night. It works -- it helps -- I'm not thrilled with the overall quality of the "commercial grade" rope lighting that I purchased. I'm going to check out some other options and perhaps make an upgrade. This seemed like the simplest and most cost effective means of getting some additional lighting inside that trailer but if anyone has better ideas -- please feel free to pass them along to me.

contact info

Need to get in touch with me about something related to Band Parents or the trailer crew? Feel free to email me at or call me on my cell phone at 215-801-0484. Thanks much! Jeff Griffin