iPad = iLearn

Using iPads to enhance learning

Top 5 reasons we should use iPads

  1. The Textbook is going away.....the three largest textbook makers are creating apps for digital learning
  2. Teachers can use iPads and airplay to show/demonstrate skills
  3. Easy to use and secure-
  4. 65,000 Educational Apps- different apps allow students to use a variety of resources to show understanding of content and allows them to create on their own.
  5. 75% of students say it has enhanced learning...55% say they wish instructors used more simulations

Use iPads in Class examples

US History Lesson Plans from USHistoryTeachers.com
Digital Lesson Plans on the iPad

Use iPads in a Blended Class

Blended class rooms need to be adaptive and allow for students to explore and create. With the iPad you students will have the ability to utilize a variety of tools that allow students to stop and go at their pace yet still meet all teacher objectives.