Where I Stand

Juliana Hifawi

My Vision

In our society today there are many issues regarding the responsibilities of governments. This flyer will include three issues that concern me about the Provincial government and their efforts in their responsibilities when it comes to the;

1. Environment

2. Aboriginal Affairs

3. Health Promotion and Sport


Ontario is becoming greatly over populated, especially in the Toronto area. My concern about the environment is in 10, 20 years how much actual green space will there be left? Many animals will be forced to relocate elsewhere to conditions that may bot be suitable for there needs. With this great deal of over population, many forests will be demolished, many animals will loose their homes and with all the construction for new homes, roads, shopping centers etc, the pollution created will speed up global warming and without the trees to clean out the air,many health problems will occur.

Also a concern that I have is the garbage that is being thrown in lakes, on the street etc. There is so much litter that birds and fish are dying because they are eating the garbage that is being thrown on the ground and causing them internal damage. I feel that the provincial government should take better efforts in promoting the cleanliness of the environment and making people aware of what our future will look like if we do not change out ways.

environmental issues - together we can save the planet

Aboriginal Affaris

When it comes to the first nation peoples, how much equality are they actually getting? They were the first to come on our land and I believe that there should not even be a topic for aboriginal affairs because it shouldn't be an issue. They are people just like us, yes they may do things differently but we all have our own way. Their way of doing things, treating illnesses, schooling, etc may be a little "out of date" but we should not penalize them for sticking to their roots. The provincial government should put forth all their efforts in helping eliminate this imbalance in our society.

However, the provincial government does indeed help first nation peoples in many different ways. Such as in June 2007, the Ministry of Aboriginal Affairs, was created to replace the Ontario Secretariat of Aboriginal Affairs. This step reflected the importance of developing a stronger broader partnership with Aboriginal people in Ontario. The Ministry works to ensure a better future for almost 300 000 aboriginals.

Health Promotion and Sport

Staying healthy and exercising isn't always easy as people make it seem to be. But that does not demote the importance of it. Many people are becoming overweight due to many factors: too bust to workout, do not have time to cook food, the hormones in our produce etc. However, your health and staying fit is very important and will help you in your old age. The provincial government should do a better job in promoting the health benefits of being physically active and what can happen if you are not. The main thing that concerns me is the lack of advertisement and support and how many people seem to underestimate the importance of Sports and Health. The provincial government should take time to effectively promote the benefits of health and the negatives of what can happen if you are not physically active. For example, I play soccer with two times a week fitness sessions. Now during these fitness sessions I feel like I wanna just collapse, however after we finish I feel so good internally and I know that all this hard work will benefit me in the future. Below is a video that promotes health by Canada.
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Promoting Healthy Weights video (2012)