The Need for Major Education Reform

Why Today's System is Flawed and Outdated

Graduation Requirements

As students who have been in the education system for almost thirteen years now, we have realized how much it should be reformed. We believe there are many things that should be changed for the students all over the nation. One of the biggest problems today are the graduation requirements. From state to state they all differ, and colleges in those states require their states graduation requirements for college. This makes it very difficult for students to apply to out of state colleges. Let’s face it, America’s sophomores do not think about what college they want to go to, so therefore they most certainly do not look up the graduation requirements for out of state schools. By the time students may realize they need a certain class for the college they want to go to, it may be too late for them to take the class or very difficult. The solution is for all the states to have the same graduation requirements for all high schools. This would make it easier for the students to get into all state college, but also it would level out the playing field among students. our plan to set this reformation into movement is to gather all the state representatives and come to a mutual agreement on class requirements, and have all the states pass the new law.

Standardized Testing Not an Adequate Way to Measure a Student's Intelligence

Joan Harris, National Association for the Education of Young Children as the outstanding teacher of the year in 1997, said,

Contrary to popular assumptions about standardized testing, the tests do a poor job of measuring student achievement. They fail to measure such important attributes as creativity and critical thinking skills. Studies indicate that standardized tests reward superficial thinking and may discourage more analytical thinking. Additionally, because of the small sample of knowledge that is tested, standardized tests provide a very incomplete picture of student achievement.

Standardized testing is not an efficient means of measuring an individual's intelligence, it's very limiting and doesn't take into account the fact that some very smart people just aren't good test takers. We need to get rid of this outdated and unreliable system.

Teachers Qualification

There are many teachers in the public schools that do not efficiently teach the students. Because of teachers rights it makes it difficult for administrators to solve the problem. Another reason it is such an issue is because administrators do not know how to effectively evaluate them. The student union can be helpful, but they can also support their interest only.

Over Crowded Classrooms

So many classrooms have too many students in the classroom. In some elementary schools they are combining two grade levels into one classroom with one teacher. This inhibits the children's learning because they get less time to learn the information, they get less time with the teacher, and it can be more distracting. The problem continues into high school, where the classroom is too full. The teacher cannot offer as much help and it can affect their lesson plans. In AP classes the size of the class can be critical to the students learning and how well they do in the class.

About Us

We are the most recent group to have been through the system and we have seen its flaws and know it is time for a change. We believe that students are more than a test score. There are better ways that more fully measures a student's intelligence than just a test based on 4 limited subjects.Teaching in over crowed classrooms is not an effective means of education. Teachers should have to be examined more thoroughly before being hired so that unqualified persons are not hired as educators. Graduation requirements should be the same in every state to avoid issues when applying to out-of-state schools. We are trying to raise awareness of these flaws of our education system. and show the public that this is an area in our education system that need to be changed to better help kids in schools today.

Education Reformation

What are every bodies thoughts on the education system? Classes, requirements, testing . . . ?