Horror from the sea

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How is a hurricane formed?

The "weather machine" is the Earth, sun, and the atmosphere. A hurricane is formed on the coast of Africa in Atlantic Ocean. The process of a hurricane is a tropical disturbance, then it grows to a tropical depression, third a tropical storm, and finally a hurricane. All storms DO NOT become a hurricane. The conditions have to be just right for it to form. The name of the storm changes depending on where it forms. Like a hurricane forms in the Atlantic Ocean, and a cyclone forms in the Indian Ocean , and a typhoon forms in the Pacific Ocean.
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Tracking and preparing for a hurricane

Meteorologists track storms by using hurricane hunters. Meteorologists use satellite images to track the path of hurricanes. They know the strengths of hurricanes by the Saffir Simpson Scale. For preparing for a storm you need

  • 1 gallon of water per person in your family
  • Enough food to survive 3-7 days
  • First aid kit and medicines
  • Blankets and clothes
  • Flashlights and batteries
  • Battery powered radio
  • Tools for repairing storm damage

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Hurricane Katrina

Hurricane Katrina was a terrible storm for the city of New Orleans. Katrina also hit Mississippi, Alabama, and Florida. It killed 1,388 people. People could have been better prepared for Katrina. More than 20,000 people went to the Marcedes Benz Super Dome. When they went the super dome didn't have medical care, clean water, or working toilets. So instead of going there they could have fled New Orleans. Better technology could have predicted Katrina too. Better satellite pictures are orbiting around Earth taking a lot better pictures of Earth. All in all, Hurricane Katrina was a very destructive force.
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