Vietnam War OVER!

What Long Years It Has Been Since The Vietnam War Started


The Vietnam War Has Finally Ended, Vietnam Has Won The and are thanking all the states for helping them win, The Vietnam war was the longest 20th century conflict.It invovled 60,000 personnel and grew from a intial commitment. 500 australias lost there lives, but finally North Vietnam defeted the French.The U.S. suffered over 47,000 killed in action plus another 11,000 noncombat deaths and over 150,000 were wounded and 10,000 missing.

"Johns Story"

"When i was in the battle feild, i was onestly scared to death, people were dieing beside me, my best mate had saved me at once when he took a bullet for me, but he unfortunetly did not make the bullet to the chest, i heard bullets going, and then one of the bullets hit my leg i lost all feelings for it because it hit most of my nerves, i had to get my leg cut off with not special treatments...only a saw but in the end it was worth it, Vietnam was once more a peaceful place