The Kersey Chronicles

Rockstars Choosing to Matter in Room 25

Newsletter Enhancements

In my ongoing quest to increase the level of student ownership and autonomy in our classroom, we are making few additions to the classroom newsletter that I am excited to share with you! For the remainder of the year, students will take turns sharing their personal work and learning with you in the form of videos and pictures. This is an authentic opportunity for students to practice communication and presentation skills, while also showcasing their work with you. I know they are very proud of what they work on here at school and love sharing it with you. I hope you will take the time to watch these videos and read about student work, as well as start a discussion at home about it. My goal as a teacher is to merely act as a facilitator of learning, allowing students to take the lead in their learning. This is one additional step toward that goal. I want them to know this is their classroom, and I am here to support and encourage their efforts. I am certain you will be proud of the information they present to you and hope you convey that to your children.

Try This At Home ...

Over spring break, your child will come home with his/her data binder for the Quarter 3 At-Home Conference. I know many of you are traveling, but it is so important to schedule a 15-20 minute meeting with your child to review his/her school work and set goals for the final quarter of 4th grade! Please set a date on the calendar, and treat this conference as a "work" meeting for your child - it is important work for your child's academic growth.


This Week's Set List (March 14-19)

Week at a Glance/Skills for the Week:

LITERACY – We are finishing Q3 book clubs. These books relate to our Number the Stars novel study in some way, and students will identify commonalities. After reading, students will use apps to share their learning with peers. These book clubs will finish by Friday.

WRITING – We finished our Young Author Books, and they are awesome! The remainder of the week will be free/choice writing!

MATH – We will finish on Unit 10, which focuses on prealgebra concepts. The test is scheduled for Friday, March 25th. (Please note this is the Friday before Spring Break. It is important your child is here on that day!) A study guide was sent home Monday and we will review the day before the test.

SPELLING – During 4th quarter, we will not be taking spelling tests. All students in this class have demonstrated a 4th-5th grade mastery of spelling, and therefore, we will utilize time for other learning!

SCIENCE – No science this week.

SOCIAL STUDIES – We will begin our Civil War Unit in Social Studies.

TIPS - We will continue to use this time for test taking strategies, as well as a chance to practice Socratic Seminars.

Upcoming Events

March 22nd: Art and Author Night

March 28th-April 10th: Spring Break, no school