Self-Healing Summer Workshop

Paida Lajin & Original-Point Antui


According to Yellow Emperor's Inner Canon, diseases are caused by blockage of meridians; clearing the meridians can therefore heal diseases. 《黄帝内经》认为凡病皆为经络不通。故经络通则百病消。

Participants will learn Paida, Lajin, Original-Point Antui DIY therapies as ways to maintain good health. The methods are simple and yet powerful. They will help you to activate your own immune system. The result is that you will less likely rely on taking medicines, less suffering, but more actively prevent the causes and manage your health through natural self healing process. 与会者将在树立“求医不如求己”的观念下,学习如何通过简单的拍打、拉筋、原始点按推等练习来改善体质,从而让身体的免疫系统强大起来,在不需要药物的外来作用情况下,身体通过自然疗法逐渐得以修复。

Paida, Lajin and Original-Point Antui are promoted as self-healing methods; they are not meant for substituting medical treatment. Please consult a qualified medical practitioner for any of your health issues. 从事推广拍打、拉筋、原始点按推的多是养生爱好者,非专业医务人员,所提供的服务乃是宣扬一种身体自愈的理念和方法,不能代替专业医务人员为您诊断、治病疗伤。故个人医案还请咨询专业的医务人员为妥。

To maintain good health needs to abide to the nature of the four seasons. One should follow the paths of "Sow in spring, develop in summer, harvest in autumn, and store in winter." Summer is the golden time to unblock the meridians and to detox the body. Don't miss out this opportunity. 四季养生当遵循“春生夏长、秋收冬藏”之规律。夏季是通经排毒的大好时光,勿错失良机。Bring your own loose-fitting clothes, slippers, heating pads or tea cups. 请自带宽松服、拖鞋、温敷袋、或茶杯。

The workshop is free to the public. 对公众免费开放,欢迎踊跃参与

Zhijian Health Club

Saturday, Aug. 2nd, 1-6pm

East-West Educational & Cultural Center (EWECC), 5600 Derry Street, Harrisburg, PA, United States

East-West Educational & Cultural Center (EWECC)

Tel: 1-888-511-6688

The street # sign is on the side wall of the building

Please park your car behind the building


13:00-15:00 Intro to Lajin and Paida, Original-Point Medicine

15:00-18:00 DIY, Q&A

People Behind

Mr. Hongchi Xiao

Born in Songzi, Hubei province, P.R.C., Mr. Hongchi Xiao was a successful financier in Wall Street and Hong Kong. He is the E-Tao founder, devoting to promote Paida and Lajin self-healing methods worldwide.

萧宏慈先生曾云游中国,遍访民间中医高手,遂著书《医行天下》。中国之声:[国学堂] 梁冬对话萧宏慈中有非常精彩的故事。Watch his speech on the Youtube Mr. Hongchi Xiao Speaks at UPS (in English in 2012)

Dr. Chao-Han Chang

原始点医学 Yuan Shi Dian Medicine was developed by Taiwanese TCM doctor Dr. Chang, Chao-Han. 张钊汉医师行医二十余年,对针灸、温灸、火罐、推拿等传统中医疗法有很深的造诣。他本着“以人为本、以病为师”的理念,在大量的临床实践中,发现了原始点疗法. Please click the following links to learn more about this new medicine treatment.

Original-Point Handbook in English

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