All About me

Stormey Rae Justice

My free time

My free time is spent with myself, I love alone time. I never really had been by myself but now that Nathan is gone I have no choice. So for the time being I'm trying to get a job and have myself together for when he comes home. I like being with my friends because when Nathan was home I didn't have much spare time. and I love eating!!


My family is my life! Im not engaged or married but I am in a stable relationship that was started 2 1/2 years ago. I love my family unconditionally. I have no children. My mom is my main. My dad passed away in 2008. I still stay in touch with my moms side but not my dads. my grandma is a very close person as well. Also, I love my cat!

I also babysit!

I love kids, my saturday nights are usually spent with children. I am good with them. Maci is 6 and Its hard to take her home because she screams wanting me to come back and get her!

Who am I?

I am Stormey! I have a outgoing personality. Once you first meet me or if i don't know you then i am really quiet. But then once i get over it you'll be ready for me to get away! I can make a boring lonely night something crazy! my friends like being around me when they're upset because I'm outgoing.