Kepler 62f (Kashyyyk)

An exoplanet similar to Earth

Statistics (All not confirmed)

Radius: ~ 5542.6 km

Diameter: ~ 17,839 km

Length of a Day: Unknown

Length of a Year: 267 days

Average distance from sun: 108 million km

Average temperature: ~ 4651°c

Number of Moons: None known

Number of Rings: None

Gravitational Acceleration: 32.4 m/s

I would weigh 1469 kg (45 kg on Earth)

I would be 19 years old (I'm 14 years old)

It would take 12,000 light years to get there

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3 Facts about Kepler 62f

  1. Discovered in April 2013
  2. The constellation is Lyra
  3. The host star is an Orange Dwarf

3 problems with Kepler 62f

  1. Not sure if there is water
  2. Very long trip
  3. Extremely hot

Solutions to the Problems

  1. Special suits that cool your body and supply oxygen
  2. Make stations that can contain water
  3. Bring a lot of pregnant women