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Symbol: En

Atomic Mass: 140 kg

Discovered by: Mrs. and Mr. Montalvo of Lima, Peru

Occurrence: high deposits found in sports and low deposits found in arts and music

Physical Properties

  • Boils when people don’t do the right choices

  • Melts if tantrum gets high enough

  • Surface is peach, with light brown hair with hazelnut eyes

  • Can cause excitement when fun times are made

  • Speciesman may be found:

  • Funny when jokes are made

  • Happy when there’s positive attitude

  • Angry when someone makes fun or teases with it.

Chemical Properties

  • Is repelled by cold chilly winters

  • Is attracted to the passion of music

  • May explode spontaneously if a basketball is use instead of a soccer ball

  • Requires copious amounts of teamwork abilities

  • Is inert if found in nature like valleys

  • Will repel to summer days

  • Is impervious to dark places