Parent Newsletter

From the Desk of Marcella Simmonds week of 12/14/15


Hello Parents, it is hard to believe we are almost at the end of 2015. That also means Winter Break is right around the corner. Remember that December 22nd is our last day for the year and we return on January 4th. I hope that everyone has a safe, fun winter break.

EDL dates this month is Dec 1, 3, 8,10,15,17

To order a year book go to and enter our school code of 10706216. This is something that the kids look forward to at the end of the school year.

OLPA testing on Thursday and Friday of this week.

A Look at Our Week

As we get closer to Winter Break I know the kids are getting distracted by the holidays. So for this week and next, we are doing things a bit differently. I have given them a list of classwork/ homework all at once. They will work on the list in any order and at their own pace as long as they complete them all by Friday. I am checking in with students and making sure they are making progress. That list is to travel between school and home.

We are working on self-pacing and independence.

Homework List

Homework and Class work for the week of 12/14/15- These are all due on Friday( Except the Grand Encounter)


Using the book you just finished for SEM-R, create a travel brochure of the setting of the story.

Your travel brochure must look like a real travel brochure. It must have illustrations and text. It must be neat. Be creative. It must not be thrown together at the last minute. It must look like thought went into getting it completed.

Word of the week- Aviary

You will be given an unfamiliar word this week. Your job is to learn this word by filling in the template. Then you will show your understanding of the word by creating a product to show to the class. It could be an illustration of the word. It could be a miniature 3-D model of the word. It could be a miniature diorama representation of the word. You get to be creative.


Homophones are words that sound alike but are spelled differently- rode, road

Your job is to create a list of at least 15 pairs of homophones.

Noun Assignment

Create a missing person’s news article about nouns. First thing is to analyze how newspaper articles are formatted. Once you have done that decide how you are going to word your missing "person" piece. In your article you must describe what the noun looks like. Remember there are two types of nouns: proper and common. You must address both description

An example of how to start could be: Have you seen a proper noun out there. It was last seen… You know that it is a proper noun because…

In your article you must have four pictures representing the two types. Your pictures can be hand drawn, water color, shading, etc. OR you can create a song about nouns- including both kinds of nouns, examples of them, definition of them. BE CREATIVE!!

Create a new jacket for a book that you have read. Explain why you chose that particular cover.

Analogies- I will give these to you later.


You will be working on your interpretive essay in class.

Nightly journaling.

Social Studies

Explorers- Preparing for the Grand Encounter

Study and learn the capitals for the states that begin with the letters “A” and “C”

For Your Information

The students are working on a culminating project called the Grand Encounter. Mrs. Goetzke's class and our class are working together on this. Students are put into two groups- Explorer and Native Americans. In these roles the students will be re-enacting how each side saw the encounter between a famous explorer and the Native Americans who first met him. Your child might be asking you to help them get costumes together for this. We will be doing this Grand Encounter when the kids get back from Winter Break.