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Week 14

How is the course progressing?

  • This week is a shortened week due to the Thanksgiving holiday on Thursday, and NCVPS holiday on Friday.
  • Our current unit, Module 13, is due on Friday, 12/5, so your child has a bit longer to complete this module's work.
  • Progress notes will be sent to ELAs at the face-to-face schools next week, and will be reported back to you via the school's progress report schedule.

Is there work over the holidays?

The course calendar has been posted in the course since we began in August. There is no work assigned over Thanksgiving or Winter Break, but many students may enjoy and appreciate using this time to work ahead or catch up since the course will still be accessible to them.

Below are the future deadlines for the remainder of the course, with all work due at 11:59 PM of the identified day. Thank you in advance for working with your child to help ensure (s)he plans ahead and meets these deadlines!
  • Unit 13 - due Friday, 12/5
  • Unit 14 - due Friday, 12/12
  • Unit 15 - due Friday, 12/19
  • Unit 16 - due Friday, 1/9 (including the Final Exam)

How is my child doing?

  • Emails/texts/calls were made earlier today to notify parents and ELAs of students whose averages were less than 85%.
  • I will be sending out personalized emails to all parents and ELAs early next week to give more specific grade information.

What are students learning?

Last week students learned about the Excretory (Urinary) System, and the current module is the Endocrine (Hormones) System. Hopefully they are enjoying the material and learning a lot!

If you have any questions, feel free to contact me via text, email or phone!

Mrs. Allison Crawford, NBCT
Instructional Leader, Anatomy Teacher
North Carolina Virtual Public Schools