Rosa Parks Journal

Week of February 8th

We are Champions.....

"Every child deserves a champion – an adult who will never give up on them, who understands the power of connection and insists that they become the best that they can possibly be." -Rita Pierson

With a constant increase in student enrollment, in addition to all the mandates with progress monitoring, not to mention the work that you all do from day to day to ensure the success of EVERY STUDENT. You all are the REAL CHAMPIONS. Staff continue to do all you can to make sure that we are helping our students grow as learners.


10th Annual Rosa Parks Day Reminder........

Teachers, please use the flyer to make sure students are preparing for this years Rosa Parks Day. This will be the 10th anniversary for this special day here at our school. Let's work to encourage students to write, write, write.....

If your students are having some difficulty with the topic, please consider the this topic that might be somewhat helpful.

What are some of the decisions you make now good or bad, big or small that could effect your life and others in the world in years to come?

ALL ESSAYS ARE DUE BY February 18th...

Tutoring Sessions

Tutoring sessions will begin on Tuesday. All students that are participating will meet in the gymnasium during dismissal. All teachers that are working the tutoring sessions I would like to meet with you Monday right after school very briefly.

DIBELS Testing.....REMINDER....

Teachers now that the ALL DIBELS Testing is complete, please work to make sure that you are completing your Progress Monitoring of all students. Remember the following:

  • Students in RED are to be progressed monitored EVERY WEEK.
  • Students in YELLOW are to be progressed monitored EVERY 2 WEEKS
  • Students in GREEN, progress monitor if you feel that it is needed. BUT please make sure that these students are continuing to move forward.

If you have any questions, please let me know or see Mrs. Holbrook.

Upcoming Dates / Events

Monday 2/8 - BOE Meeting PRIDE Recognition 6PM

Tuesday 2/9 -After School Tutoring

Wednesday 2/10 -Staff Meeting @7:45am

Thursday 2/11 - After School Tutoring

Friday 2/12- NO SCHOOL

Parent/Teacher Conferences....

Teachers please make sure that we are collaborating with each other for parent teacher conferences. Many of our students have siblings in other classrooms, please share times so that we don't inconvenience our parents.

Achieve 3000 Plan Ahead....

Just to give everyone a heads up. On 3/2/2016, a representative will be here from Achieve 3000 to provide on-going support. During that time the representative will share some information on how we can use Achieve 3000, to help prepare students for the State Testing. Please mark your calendars...