How it has Impacted People

The People it Affects

Desertification begins after a long period of drought. It affects everyone but mostly farmers and herders are affected the most. With long periods of drought no plants can grow. This is a major problems with farmers because they grow crops to make money to support their family and feed their family. Desertification also affects herders because as said before plants cannot grow so neither can grass. The herders animals eat grass so they can live, but if the animals the herders have no more animals to use.

Nehemiah's Story

Nehemiah is a farmer and desertification affects his life greatly. Nehemiah is 34 years old and is married with five children. Nehemiah has found it very difficult to support his family due to the drought not allowing his plants to grow. He only has enough crops to barley support his family. Desertification has truly affected Nehemiah's life and his family.
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