Andrew Jackson

The evil side of Andrew Jackson

The Spoils System

The Spoils System was a system where the president gave his political followers (people who voted for him) government jobs. Some of the people had no political experience whatsoever. I don't think that any U.S. citizen in their right mind would want people who voted for the first time when they voted for Jackson running our country.

The Indian Removal Act

The Indian Removal Act permanently removed Native Americans from their land in Georgia but the U.S. government agreed to give them land in present day Oklahoma. The settlers wanted this passed because some people found gold under their land. Also, The settlers still wanted more land although they had plenty of their own land that was unoccupied. This act removed around 125,000 Native Americans from their land that they had lived on for a very long time. The Native Americans never go their land back.

The Trail of Tears

To top off the Indian Removal Act, was the Trail of Tears. There was one group of Natives left to be moved. The Cherokees. Unlike the other groups, the Cherokees had to be moved during the bitter winter. The Trail of Tears was the trail that the Cherokees took to Oklahoma where about 4,000 Natives were killed.

King Andrew the First

This cartoon shows Jackson as a king because he was known for abusing his presidential power. It also shows him stepping on the Constitution because he did things in his presidency that we would consider unconstitutional.