Livestock veterinarian

Clarissa Gonzalez

Livestock veterinarian school

The best colleg to go for veterinarian is U.C. Davis School of Veterinarian Medicine . It helps students further refine their career goals or maybe even find a new path they hadn't previously consider, as a veterinarian student you will not only how to care for animals but also science, medicine and much more. Veterinarian Practice News decided to do its own survey on the best colleges to study veterinarian medicine. Veterinarians work exclusive with food animals had an average starting salary of about $77,000 according to an AVMA survey. For colleg you'll have to go for eight years or sometimes more.

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Colic and dewormers

One of the most common sickness is colic. Colic cane be very dangerous and has killed so many horses before. The symptoms of colic when the horse isn't eating or the horse is just laying down in pain or if the horse is anxious, if your not sure still then you can check the stomach if the the stomach is hard then you'll k ow if they have colic. To stop colic is by running or walking the horse until they go to the restroom. If not then you'll have togive them banimen. What banimen does is by taking away the pain and destroying the dry food that won't let them go to the restroom. Most veterinarians suggest to give the horses surgery so it'll be quicker. Another thing that horses and cattle need is dewormers dewormers help prevent animals on getting worms in their stomach. You'll have to give them a dewormers every month.

Veterinarians focus

Their main focus is the animals health by performing check ups, diagnosing illness, perscribing treatment or quartering animals if necessary. When working with frighten animals you'll have to deal with being bitten or kicked or scratched they also risk getting the diseases of the animals.


Sometimes veterinarians work long hours or even weekends. Veterinarians respond to emergencies outside of work schedules.
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My reason

My reason for wanting to do this job is to help animals and also because I know how it feels to lose an animal and I don't want other to go through that same pain. I'll also do it because I love to help animals and don't like to see them hurt or in pain.