5 Things To Remember

By: Mckayla Taylor

To Get To Know The Work

Work in the 6th grade is taken very seriously. You want to always try your best from your last goal. No, the teachers are not mean. They just want you to pass their class. They want you to be prepared for testing. To do that you need to know what to do so when you get the work you are not in a stage of shock! Have Fun in 6th grade!!

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Quizlet Homework

You should always try to do one quizlet each night, so you won't fall behind.

You should always try your best when you are completing this homework.

Always keep in mind the percent you try is the percent you get in the grade book.

Look over your words in the flashcard section, so you won't do as bad when you do the actual thing.

You always want to remember your words while working, and you want to make sure you are not messing around.

Wordly Wise

You want to make sure you look over the words for your question. You do not just want to throw down the wrong word.

Always check to see if it makes sense before you officially chose your answer.

In the reading passage, always go back because you will find that word in the passage.

Try to do a part a day since there are 5 parts.

Always turn this in on time.


You want to make sure you have at least 10 notes whenever you are reading.

Do not forget the feeling at the end of each paragraph. Tell us how it made you feel.

Always use two or more sentences when you are answering the questions.

Go back to the article for your answers! It is always best to cite where you found your answer.

Read the question fully! You may more than one question put into the one spot.

Always use your runners!

Reading Logs

Make sure you are reading for at least 20 minuets a night.

At least make sure you have 6-8 sentences.

Add what page number you found for your answer.

Do one box a night, so all of your homework will even out.

Make sure your answer evens up with the question.

Novels That You Read

You want to read the chapters that you are told to read at your own pace, so then you will fully understand what is going on.

You need to answer the questions with lots of detail.

You need to make connections with the text.

You should also try to not skip anything whenever you are reading.

Always try to get enough reading in to help you on the questions.

Math Homework

You should try to complete 1-2 pages a night.

You are going to want to remember what you did in class, so the homework isn't a struggle.

Always have it turned in on the right day. Not a day before or after the due date.

Show work for every answer, even if it is something you know on the top of your mind.

Always check to see if it i the right homework you are doing by checking angel.

Math Centers

You need to complete two of these a day.

You are not permitted to go ahead unless you are told otherwise.

The centers are for what you are learning that week, so you possibly will have notes or something of the sorts to help you out.

If you do not finish your centers in the three days the next day you can use your eagle time to work on.

Try your best on everything because this is a grade that will go into the grade book report.


These need to be completed by the due date assigned.

Your teacher can log into her account and see what you have completed, so I suggest that you actually do your work.

Show work for tenmarks and ixl to prove how you got your answer. Buzzmath you can use your whiteboard and markers to complete this work.

If you need help you can always ask your teacher because this isn't homework.

Check over your answers to see if you see any mistakes.


You are going to want to try our best on everything and not lack behind because all of this will go into a website that you create.

Always keep the websites in your source cards.

Keep everything of yours organized instead of keeping it messy. It will be really hard to put it all together.

Try your best, but you are going to want to finish fast because you will then have another part to do.

Be creative because you know nobody is going to watch/listen to a dull project that you made.

6th Grade Behavior

Always keep your hands, feet, and any other objects to yourself.

Stay out of the drama.

Get your work done.

Do not talk during work time because you will then get your card marked.

Always ask before doing something.

6th Grade Responsibilities

Getting your work done and drop boxed the correct day.

Keeping water away from the computer.

Not having gum inside the building.

Charging your computer for school the next day.

Going to where you need to be at the right time.

Quarter Dances

You have to have a 70 or above to come to this dance.

There are different types of themes that you have to vote for.

You get to chose a song as a request.

You get one piece of candy and a soda.

You only get one because of sugar reasons.

You must always keep the drinks out in the hallway.

Field Day

You are with your homeroom and complete fun games until you hear a siren.

You are going to want to wear comfortable clothes because you are running around and it is hot outside.

Have fun and join into the games.

You complete each activity then you go to lunch.

Your day will have lots of fun with everything that happens.

Just follow the rules and play the game.