November 6, 2018

Principal Update:

Dear Dawson Community,

On November 9, Grades 3-5 will be getting the first report of the year. The Wachusett Regional School District reports student progress on a quarterly basis. For primary grades (Kindergarten, First Grade and Second Grade):

-First Quarter: A teacher/parent conference was held.

-Second, Third and Fourth Quarters: A standards based report card is provided through the

Power School Parent Portal.

What is a standard based report card?

WRSD uses a standard based report card. Grades on a standard based report card are different from grades on traditional report cards. A traditional report card grades how well the student performs on assignments and tests. Standard-based report cards provide accurate information and feedback to students and their families on the student’s progress towards meeting grade-level standards, and provide more consistency between teachers than traditional report cards because all students are evaluated on the same grade-appropriate skills. Parents can see exactly which skills and knowledge their children have learned, are progressing to and require more practice on. In the first two-quarters, many standards have just been introduced, so very few children will demonstrate the ability to meet the standards, but as the year progresses students should demonstrate progress in meeting grade level standards. Early on in the year, there may be many 2s on the report card, which lets you know that your child is making progress towards the standard.

Always, always feel free to contact your child's teachers with any questions, concerns, etc. Teachers will address your concerns promptly. Dawson is lucky to have a dedicated and caring group of teachers, who are willing to work closely with parents to help all students reach their academic potential.

The Infamous Bike Example, an analogy by the Quabbin School District, best explains standard based grading.

Your goal: To ride a bike by yourself

4. Exceeding the Standard

Wow! You not only ride a bike on your own, but you can pop a wheelie, jump ramps, and perform other bike stunts.

3. Meeting the Standard

Congratulations! You are successfully riding a bike by yourself. (This will only happen when your child can demonstrate mastery of a standard independently.)

2. Progressing Toward the Standard

You are pedaling well and staying upright as long as someone is holding on and giving you a little push. (For the first two quarters, most of our students will be working towards their grade level standards or riding a bike. Therefore there may be quite a few 2s. Please contact your child's teacher if you have any concerns.)

1. Not Meeting The Standard

You are riding a bike, but using training wheels.

In Partnership,

Mrs. Wallace

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Boosterthon 2018

Crazy Eight Math Club

Dawson Staff Gives Back: Habitat for Humanity Weekend Project

A huge thank you to Mrs. Bischoff for organizing this wonderful experience!

Fall Fun!

Family Math Night: Digits After Dark

Thanks: Mr. Donough - You are the best!